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VW Scirocco ll and lll Transmissions for Sale

The Volkswagen Scirocco has actually been in existence since 1974. The first generation was introduced in 1975 and ran until 1982. Although the early Sciroccos’ were minimal in transmission choices, it’s is not surprising to get a call for an early rebuilt VW transmission on occasion. However, most Scirocco transmission inquiries are for the Scirocco ll and Scirocco lll models.

Calls come in for VW Scirocco ll and lll Transmissions for Sale every day, and we have whatever variant you need to get back on the road. So ask about our affordable low mileage used transmissions. And don’t forget our transmissions have pure value built right into them. Call 866-320-1182 now.

First generation Sciroccos came primarily with a manual transmission. They were originally designed as a basic car to get you reliably from point A to point B. Now cars are much fancier and luxurious. Automatics were rare back then, but don’t worry if you need a transmission, call GotTransmissions.com, we have the best locating service in the country. Even Generation 2 Sciroccos only came with a 5 speed manual transmission and 3 speed automatic. Not very exciting. 866-320-1182.

The third generation Scirocco finally was re-introduced in 2008, after an absence from 1992. The new model can be identified by type number 137 or 1K8. One of the few things to remain the same is that the Scirocco is still built on a front wheel drive platform called the PQ35, which is a very common platform for certain Audi models, and more Volkswagen products.

Front wheel drive cars use a transmission that has the drive gears built into the same case as the transmission, so it can be mounted in a small space up front under the hood. Usually mounted sideways. Which is called a transverse mounting system. Thus an axle protrudes from each front wheel well to the corresponding front tire to pull the car.

The generation 3 transmissions are more fitting for a modern car with a number of different packages, including a sporty package with a turboed engine. Three different transmissions are offered in the 3rd generation models including a 6 speed manual transmission, a 6 speed and a 7 speed automatic DSG [direct shift gearbox].

The DSG is a combination of 2 separate manual transmissions with an electronically activated clutch transferring the power from the engine. They were first designed by Borg Warner and allowed to be used by VW in the beginning.

For the intricate details, better heard over a phone from a specialist, call 866-320-1182 right away for the most understandable information and best customer service you have ever run across.

GotTransmissions.com sells peace of mind with every replacement transmission.

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