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Toyota Venza Transmissions for Sale

The Toyota Venza is a newer car, introduced in America in 2008. It uses a U660E automatic transaxle, or transmission. The video displayed is one of the best descriptions I have looked at on how a transmissions operates, especially this unit. After watching this informational video, please contact for Toyota Venza Transmissions for Sale. Thank You.

The Venza is a front wheel drive mid-sized crossover 5 door car. Using the most common and efficient front wheel drive setup currently made, technically known as a transverse mounting system. A transverse setup is where both the engine and transmission are bolted together and mounted side ways under the hood, in the front of the car.

The engine/transmission combo is actually mounted sideways [east to west], as opposed to a rear wheel drive vehicle, where the engine/transmission runs north to south, or with the axis of the car. Like the Avalon.

In the case of a front wheel drive vehicle only, there is a short axle shaft that runs from each side of the transaxle to each front wheel [left and right] to drive the car.

There is a difference between a transmission and a transaxle. A transaxle has the differential assembly in the same housing that the transmission is in, hence, a trans-axle. A nice convenient space saving setup.

One feature not often mentioned is the lock up torque converter. This feature is like having an extra forward gear, in essence. Increasing fuel economy and decreasing engine and transmission wear.

Although the Venza is a newer model car, receives calls for replacement transmissions on occasion. Why would a transmission in such a newer car fail? Usually because the owner drives a lot, or an unfortunate occurrence like a transmission oil leak, or overheating problem occured.

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