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Buy Dodge Challenger Transmissions

When Dodge came out with the Challenger in 1970, guys like myself were really exited about the new muscle car which had a Hemi engine in the lineup, and the newly designed Torque Flight 727 automatic transmission, strong enough to hold the incredible horsepower of it’s BIG engine. Regardless of what year you want to [...]

Buy Mini Cooper Transmissions @ Affordable Prices

We are currently in the second model generation of the Mini, made by BMW. We know it as a cute, sporty, mini car with very attractive looks. Anyone can Buy Mini Cooper transmissions at affordable prices, everyday. Your reason for being here is probably to start the search for the proper company to do business [...]

Buy a Used Automatic Transmission; Range Rover V8 4.4L

Nearly the perfect search term, “Buy a Used Automatic Transmission; Range Rover V8 4.4L“. Even a lesser accurate search would deliver you to We are the industry leader in used transmissions for sale. We know everything but the year of this vehicle, however, only 2002 and newer Range Rover’s came with a 4.4L engine. [...]

Buy a Transmission

Buy Transmissions from

No way can I, or do I want to convince you that to buy a transmission from is a great value due to built in quality. You will decide by yourself after learning more about how to purchase a transmission. What is more important is what type [...]

Buy Transmissions with Integrity and Value Built Into Them.

Buy Transmissions with Confidence

The thought of having a transmission failure and possibly having to buy a replacement transmission is somewhat of a nightmare for most people. With the horror stories concerning certain transmission shop chains, how would those folks choose the right transmission supply company? Lack of knowledge and information creates fear. [...]

Buy Work Truck Transmissions With an Attitude.

Buy Transmissions

If you need a work truck transmission for your truck, than you need a rebuilt transmission with an attitude. What I mean is the transmission you need has to be prepared to do the type of work you need done and at the end of the day ask [...]

Buy Transmissions: Chevy 4L60E Transmissions For Sale Cheap.

The 4L60E Chevy transmissions may be one of the best transmissions ever built, not to mention their popularity has grown over the years. Speaking of the good things about the 4l60E transmissions, it’s predecessor the 700R4 was the first highly successful automatic overdrive transmission made. The 700 is a legend amongst people looking for a [...]

But Transmissions For Honda Cars for Less.

We all know that Honda cars are perhaps the best made and most popular of the small cars, which fall in the high side of affordability in that price range of cars. From the beginning, Honda produced a different type of automatic transmission. When they developed their transmissions, it was decided to deviate from the [...]

Buy Transmissions for Cars and Trucks for Less.

Buy transmissions

Regardless of what condition the economy is in, car and truck transmissions will fail and people will need to locate replacement transmissions for their vehicles. As long as there is a demand for good used transmissions and transmissions, you can bet that we will work harder than every other transmission [...]

Buy Transmissions from A Quality Transmission Replacement Company.

My take on why a business is successful starts at the top with the owner or decision maker. It has a successful flow of distributing power to competent employees who do their tasks properly so the boss can get his job done without having to ‘put out fires’ all day. In this case, to operate [...]