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Chevy Impala Used Transmissions for Sale

Chevy Impala Used Transmissions for Sale | Used Chevy Transmissions

The Impala is one of the oldest cars in the Chevy lineup and one of the first cars that took over worldwide appeal for General Motors. The Impala had many first in the auto industry and it is no surprise that the 4T65-E was offered in the Impala. Chevy found success in many models using this transmission. Cars like the Lumina, Monte Carlo, Venture and the Grand Prix made use of the transmission and it was last placed into the Impala. We have Chevy Impala used transmissions for sale right on this website. We take away the complications of ordering online and we always ship our transmissions for free.

It is important not to confuse the HD version of the 4T65-E with the standard Impala gearbox. The larger engines like those in V8 vehicles in the Chevrolet lineup made use of the larger HD transmission. The higher torque ratio is not used in the standard version 6-cylinder engines. Buying used gearboxes on the Internet can come with surprises unless you are very careful. It will help you if you know what you are buying and where you buy it. Auction sellers and classified advertisement listings frequently list the wrong data. You could end up with a large mistake buying the wrong used auto part online.

Chevy Impala Used Transmissions for Sale

Chevy knows how to build quality automotive parts and accessories. If you ask any parts supply company, they will likely tell you that they sell more Chevy parts than they do Ford or Dodge. This should tell you something about ease of installation and popularity of what we sell. We keep up with technology advancements and we always have the most updated inventory in stock. Part of what we sell gets shipped right to junkyards or salvage dealers. The other parts are sold to customers, mechanics and body shop owners that use us to provide quality Chevrolet transmissions. There is a reason that most of our website pages are number one in search engines. We never stop working to improve our company.

We do sell transmissions for customers that request to have that option. The used gearboxes that we have are all cleaned, have all been checked out and have all been spin and compression tested. Parts are always cleaned and protected against future rust or deterioration problems. When you want clean and quality components, ordering one of our transmissions is how you get it. Some sellers know that used auto parts are sold to junkyards and salvage companies. The quality is lower than what an average customer would find. We respect all customers and always have quality Chevrolet transmissions ready and waiting for shipment.

Chevy Impala Used Transmissions for Sale Quotes

Quotes can be accessed right from our quote form we programmed for this site. If you have just a minute, you can get our 4T65-E transmission pricing right now. Use the form, review the quote, remember we ship free and call us to order. Our toll free line is 1-866-320-1182. It’s super fast and very simple to save money buying our used transmissions.

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