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Chevrolet 2500HD Transmissions for Sale

The Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Transmissions for the Regular Cab version are formidable, to say the least. Every transmission offered is a truck transmission, not a glorified beefed up car transmission. To put it differently, none of the transmissions found in the trucks I’m discussing come in any other vehicles Chevy sells. Chevrolet 2500HD Transmissions for Sale come in rebuilt, used and new crate versions.

Here is a list of automatic and manual transmissions used in the generation one 2500HD Silverado pickup truck:
1. 4-speed 4L80-E automatic overdrive w/ lock up torque converter
2. 5-speed Allison 1000 automatic [2001–2005] A true truck transmission, not a beefed up car transmission.
3. 6-speed Allison 1000 automatic [2006–2007]
4. 5-speed NV4500 manual was used from 2001–2007 with the 6.0l gasoline motor.
5. 6-speed ZF S6-650 truck grade manual gearbox from 2001–2006 in the 6.6 and 8.1 liter engines.

The second generation Silverado 2500HD trucks came with two automatic overdrive transmissions:
1. 4L-80E, a 4 speed automatic overdrive with lock up torque converter.
2. Allison 1000, updated to 6 forward speeds. Allison makes truck automatic transmissions only.

BTW: The new Silverado earned the North American Truck of the Year award for 2007 and was Motor Trend magazine’s Truck of the Year for 2007.

Allison Transmission Company is a division of General motors, well known for manufacturing large, heavy duty truck transmissions. Their entry into the light duty truck line is a pleasant surprise for truck owners looking for a truck with the ultimate transmission. My GMC 3500 is too old to have such a wonderful transmission available at that time.

I’m always surprised when a 2500HD needs a transmission job. I have not had that problem, however if I did, my choice would be one of’s transmissions. Knowing that they use better than new parts and factory approved updates proves to me that I’m really saving money in the long run. I don’t want to keep putting transmissions in my truck, so I always buy the best value.

Don’t sell yourself short. Buy your replacement transmission from a company that regards ethics and morals as much as they value quality products. Call and speak with an educated and courteous professional. Learn which replacement transmission is in your best interests. Call Now.

Affordable Sequoia Transmissions for Sale

The Toyota Sequoia is a mid-priced full sized SUV built on a truck frame. Toyota only offered an automatic transmission in said vehicle. Ranging from a 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission in 2001, to a 6 speed automatic transmission in the second generation Sequoia in 2008. has all of the Toyota Sequoia transmissions for sale at everyday low prices.

All of the transmissions use a feature called lock-up. This is a feature that is part of the torque converter and is essentially like adding another forward gear, thus improving fuel mileage and lessening engine wear.

The Sequoia is a rear wheel drive vehicle, with four wheel drive optional. It uses a conventional rear wheel drive/four wheel drive setup. Nothing unusual here.

Here is an application list of transmissions to engine and or chassis type.

1. A340E 2001-2004 4.7L V8
2. A340F 2001-2004 4×4 [4 wheel drive] 4.7L V8
3. A750F 2005-2008 RWD [rear wheel drive] 5 speed 4.7L engine
4. AB60E 2008 6 speed RWD 5.7L V8 engine
5. AB60F 2008 6 speed 4×4 5.7L V8 engine

Toyota automatic transmissions are made by AW, Aisin-Warner Transmission Corporation.

Easy to identify:
A = Aisin Automatic Second last digit denotes number of gears Last digit is the Toyota series number –E=Electronic control –F=Four wheel drive –H=AWD Transverse mount engine –L=Lock-up torque converter.

FYI: AW was founded in 1949 and supplies engine, drive-train parts, including body and chassis, aftermarket, and other main automotive parts for various major manufacturers.

Either you are reading this article to gather information, or you need a replacement transmission. If you need a replacement transmission, you have several viable choices to choose from.

Depending on your budget, and needs, has a unit for you. Choose from a remanufactured/rebuilt transmission, a low mileage used transmissions, or a JDM transmissions.

Each variant has pure value built into it. Low mileage used transmissions are a best seller for newer model Sequoia’s because the recycling yards in our network only supply low mileage units that have been pre-tested in the donor car, for performance, and no oil leaks.

Perhaps you want more information on one of the most popular sellers for Foreign cars. JDM transmissions are an unusual value. Make sure you don’t ignore this option for Japanese cars or cars with Japanese transmissions only.

Our transmissions are for the uncompromising person who simply wants the longest lasting and best performing replacement transmissions made. At an affordable price I might add. Our peace of mind guarantee is proof of the confidence we have in our products.

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Toyota Venza Transmissions for Sale

The Toyota Venza is a newer car, introduced in America in 2008. It uses a U660E automatic transaxle, or transmission. The video displayed is one of the best descriptions I have looked at on how a transmissions operates, especially this unit. After watching this informational video, please contact for Toyota Venza Transmissions for Sale. Thank You.

The Venza is a front wheel drive mid-sized crossover 5 door car. Using the most common and efficient front wheel drive setup currently made, technically known as a transverse mounting system. A transverse setup is where both the engine and transmission are bolted together and mounted side ways under the hood, in the front of the car.

The engine/transmission combo is actually mounted sideways [east to west], as opposed to a rear wheel drive vehicle, where the engine/transmission runs north to south, or with the axis of the car. Like the Avalon.

In the case of a front wheel drive vehicle only, there is a short axle shaft that runs from each side of the transaxle to each front wheel [left and right] to drive the car.

There is a difference between a transmission and a transaxle. A transaxle has the differential assembly in the same housing that the transmission is in, hence, a trans-axle. A nice convenient space saving setup.

One feature not often mentioned is the lock up torque converter. This feature is like having an extra forward gear, in essence. Increasing fuel economy and decreasing engine and transmission wear.

Although the Venza is a newer model car, receives calls for replacement transmissions on occasion. Why would a transmission in such a newer car fail? Usually because the owner drives a lot, or an unfortunate occurrence like a transmission oil leak, or overheating problem occured.

Call now and speak with a courteous and knowledgeable salesperson. Allow us to council you on how to choose a replacement transmission that suits your needs to a tee. offers peace of mind with every transmissions. Call now.

Transmissions Audi R8 for sale at

One of most high performance cars in the world is the Audi R8. It is a mid engine sports car designed on the Lamborghini Gallardo platform. Exclusively designed by Audi GH’s high performance division. One would expect such a high performance car to have a transmission that matches it. The only two transmissions offered in the Audi R8 are for sale are available at, in any form, used and remanufactured.

It’s the new definition of going fast in a super high performance luxury car. Fast and smooth, it hits 1000 mph before you know it. It is easy to gather a few tickets in this car. You have to drive one to believe it. My transmission shop rebuilt an R8 transmission several years ago. To say I was impressed with the car is an understatement.

Audi offer a six speed manual transmission, or gearbox. The manual transmission by Lamborghini is not made by Lambourghinin, it is a six-speed manual gearbox with a slotted metal shift gate for the shift lever. Very little information is made available concerning the specifics of this manual transmission. Technical specifics are not necessary to buy a replacement transmission. Only the VIN [vehicle identification number] and perhaps a transmission code.

The automatic transmission offered in the R8 is quite a work of art. R Electrohydraulic manual transmission is the technical name. It is a type of semi-automatic transmission, which uses an auto-engage clutch, unlike conventional manual transmissions where the driver operates the clutch. The clutch is controlled by electronic computers and a precision hydraulic system.

To change gears, the operator selects the desired gear with the transmission shift selector, and the system automatically sends real time signals to the computer which then operates the clutch and throttle to match RPM’s [revolutions per minute-engine] with road speed and gear ratio, and engage the clutch again. Also, many similar transmissions offer a sequential mode where the driver can only up-shift or downshift one gear at a time.

In essence, the driver can do the thinking if the driving conditions or feelings of the driver demand it. Or the transmission will operate in a fully automatic mode if desired. Very accommodating to every driver and every driving condition. Designed to take a beating like a race car.

To buy a replacement R8 transmission, call and speak with a representative that knows exactly what you are talking about and how to sell you the right transmission for your needs. Superior quality always costs less. Experience our world class customer support. Call now.

Chevy Equinox Transmissions for Sale

Chevy Equinox Transmissions/Transaxles for Sale

Chevy Equinox Transmissions/Transaxles for Sale

Chevrolet introduced the Equinox as a Mid-Sized crossover SUV based on GM’s Theta platform. The first crossover attempt by Chevrolet. Not designed for heavy four wheeling like a truck, recreational use at the most. All variants of the Chevy Equinox Transmissions are for sale, including the AF33 automatic overdrive.

Side Note:
Theta is General Motors’ compact and mid-size crossover SUV automobile platform. The Theta uses a four wheel independent suspension.

The Equinox is a front wheel drive vehicle with a four wheel drive option. Using a transverse mounted engine and transmission assembly, it runs east to west, or sideways under the hood of your car. In some cases we refer to these transmissions as a transaxle, since the transmission and differential are all in one case. This setup does not use a drive-shaft, instead it makes use of short axles, one on the left front, and one on the right front. These axles drive the front wheels, making it a front wheel drive car.

From 2004 to 2009 Chevrolet made the first generation Equinox. It used a 5 speed automatic transmission [AF33] with the 3.4 liter engine, and a 6 speed General Motors automatic overdrive transmission [6T70] with the 3.6 liter motor.

The AF-33 is a 5 forward speed automatic transaxle with a lock up torque converter. The AF33 was designed by AW [Aisn Warner] specifically for GM products. The model codes are AW55-50SN [front wheel drive], and AW55-51SN for all wheel drive.

The 6T70 is actually a joint venture between Ford and General Motors to create a new transaxle designed for transverse mounted assemblies. This transmission is a story by itself. Later I will write a blog on this transmission.

The second generation Chevy Equinox came out in 2009 and is still in production. The only transmission used was the 6 speed 6T70 transaxle assembly.

Finally, AMP electrics makes an all electric Theta SUV, and I have no information on which transmission it uses. The staff at will know.

Since you may be here to study and then locate the perfect replacement transmission for your Equinox, lets get down to what is available for you. Our exclusive system of recycling facilities all over the country allows for expedient delivery of the best replacement transmissions no matter where you live.

Our lineup of replacement transmissions for the Equinox includes precision remanufactured and transmissions, low mileage used transmissions and brand new crate transmissions. The choice is yours, allow us to educate you so you make a great decision. Educated consumers make better decisions. Call GotTransmissions now.

Nissan Cube Replacement Transmissions for Sale for Less

The Nissan Cube is one of the newer sportier variants of mini cars that cater to the surfer lifestyle. Called an MPV [multi purpose vehicle] because it will haul your surfboard to the beach or pick up the kids at school. Being a ‘leisure activity vehicle’, it’s market focus is for leisure activities and costs less as a general rule. has Nissan Cube Replacement Transmissions for sale for less.

The Cube is a simple car, it uses a CVT transmission. CVT means continuously variable transmission. The way a CVT transmission works is different than a conventional automatic transmission. As a rule it does not use gears or planetary assemblies, or the conventional components used in ordinary transaxles which cause a fixed number shifts, and are easy to notice each shift.

The Cube is a front wheel drive car, called a transverse mounting system. The first generation Cube [1998-2002] offered a 4 speed automatic transmissions and CVT. The second generation [2002-2008] only offered a CVT.

CVT transmissions use an assembly that allows for infinite gear ratios. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually an easy design in concept. CVT transmissions are used in huge commercial equipment and many lawn mowers and tractors. A favorite of large tractor company’s for many years.

It simply took some time to develop a small mini car sized CVT that offered the same seamless performance in small vehicles that has been accomplished in the large vehicles. It sounds unusual to reverse engineer a transmission from big to small. The CVT offers better fuel efficiency and superior performance in mini cars and hybrids. They offer excellent durability as well with proper maintenance.

The best replacement transmissions for the Nissan Cube are low mileage certified used transmissions. Transmissions that are removed from low mileage cars, perhaps they were wrecked and totaled or another reason caused the transmission to be available, and that is how we out-perform the competition, we have access to the finest recoiling yards all over the country. not only sells the best used Cube transmissions, but we use proven methods to having your transmission delivered ASAP and get you back on the road. Quality products and great customer service build confidence and peace of mind. Find out why we are the choice of professional mechanics, Call now.

Used Transmissions Nissan Armada RE5R05A

The Nissan Armada is a full sized SUV built on the same platform as Nissan’s large pickup trucks. Made from 2004 until present, it comes with a heavy duty 5 speed automatic transmission. The chassis is a conventional rear wheel drive/four wheel drive setup. sells low mileage used transmissions for Nissan Armada RE5RO5A and the QZ56, which is marketed by Infinity.

We call this a longitudinal setup. Meaning the engine/transmission is located up front, and the rear differential is in the rear of the vehicle, with a drive shaft connecting the two. Hence a north to south engine and transmission combo mounted with the axis of the vehicle.

Since the Armamda is a newer vehicle, it stands to reason that there are excellent resources to tap from, as in, the most quality oriented recycling yards all over the country. One of our strengths is to get your used Nissan Armada transmission to you as fast as it can be arranged once the deal is closed.

The Armada uses a Jatco RE5R05A, which also has a lock up torque converter. It’s a big heavy duty automatic overdrive transmission used in the Titan truck, and Infinity uses it in the CX23, FX35, FX45, G35, M35/35x, Q45 and QX56.

I’m not an historian, but having been in the transmission business for over 30 years, the name Jatco seems to have been around even before that. I know that plenty of car companies use or have used complete Jatco transmissions, like Nissan, or some companies only use parts made by Jatco.

One thing for sure is the company is very reputable and makes excellent products. Which brings me back to buying used transmissions. Most of the vehicles that donate a transmission are low mileage autos that have been recycled because something not related to the transmission was damaged. Where the vehicle may have been totaled out, yet only has 30,000 or 40,000 original miles on it.

This is a prime opportunity to get a good used low mileage transmission for an affordable price with a warranty to prove our confidence and provide you with peace of mind.

Call and get more details about buying a used transmission instead of a more expensive option and receive LKV [like kind value] at surprisingly low everyday prices. Speak with a qualified transmission salesperson, buy a transmission that suits your needs. Save your hard earned money.

Pontiac Vibe Transmissions for Sale

The Pontiac Vibe is called a compact car, I call it a pee-shooter. It’s not very big. Actually it is a joint venture between Toyota and GM, marketed under the Pontiac name. Made from 2003 until 2010. Through two generations the Vibe came with both automatic and manual transmissions. has Pontiac Vibe Transmissions For Sale for any budget and purpose. Give us a call.

The first Generation Vibe was made from 2003 to 2008 and was offered with a 5 speed manual transmission, a 6 speed manual transmission and a 4 speed automatic transmission. This generation Vibe was the the most fuel efficient car in America. An All Wheel Drive [AWD] model was offered with an automatic transmission only.

A side note: The Pontiac Vibe is a front wheel drive car, specifically, it is of the transverse engine/transmission family. Meaning, the engine and transmission are sideways under the hood of the car, or east to west if the north south axis of the car.

Second generation Vibe’s were made from 2009 until the end of 2010, when Pontiac discontinued the model. It came through with a 5 speed manual transmission, a 4 speed automatic transmission and a 5 speed automatic transmission.

A computer controlled traction control system with anti-lock brakes was added for more safety in 2009.

One item of importance is: we call this type of transmission a transaxle because the transmission ring [differential assembly] and pinion drive gears are all in one housing with the transmission. The most common setup for front wheel drive cars.

Since the Vibe is an economy car, when a transmission problem occurs, one which is considered serious, it’s important for said customer to be able to buy a quality product for their car at an affordable price, keeping with the idea of inexpensive car and top quality replacement parts.

If you don’t think that is possible than call and speak to a sales professional about your options. We have an option that suits your needs to a tee. Rebuilt Vibe transmissions or good used low mileage transmissions, we are here to beat your expectations. Call now for a free quote and solid information.

Low Mileage Transmissions for Sale

There are few things in the world that strike fear in a person more than a transmission failure. Realistically speaking, It’s not a problem many people experience, but if it happens to you, who will you trust to buy a replacement transmission from? Trust a company who offers the largest amount of ‘straight up’ information in terms you will understand.

It is hard to think of a more affordable way to buy a replacement transmission for your vehicle than low mileage used transmissions for sale. If you are searching for a low mileage transmission, you found one of the few suppliers who has exclusive access to high value low cost replacement transmissions with low mileage on them. Not any old junk yard transmission.

We sell low mileage manual shift or standard shift transmissions as well, for luxury sports coupes or your everyday grocery getter, we even have a full lineup of large truck manual transmissions. Not just automatic transmissions.

Considering the poor economy, more calls are coming in for said products. What smart consumers are finding out is that a low mileage used transmission is not just affordable, but it is a quality, viable way to solve a transmission failure whether you are on a budget or not.

Consider this, a car which was purchased new and is only about 6 to 10 years old [often less] and is totaled and taken to the recycling center. Lets say the car has 45,000 well kept miles on it with no history of any problems, including transmissions problems. If the transmission is operated in the donor car first, for performance and fluid leaks, and passes our tests, you are staring at a rare value, especially since it costs pennies on the dollar. specializes in providing pure value to every one of our customers. We get rave reviews for our customer service. Not only will you be treated professionally and courteously, but our core of experts knows exactly how to teach you to choose the best transmission for your interests. Regardless of whether you own a mini car, a light duty pickup truck or a heavy duty commercial vehicle.

Enjoy the peace of mind our clients have grown to expect from us, call an expert and discuss your problem with an old pro and allow us to explain all of the benefits of one of our used, second hand or recycled transmissions. Call Now for a free quote. Remember, purchasing a low mileage used transmission is a form of being Green. GotTransmissions supports the Green Movement, buy used transmissions now.

Allison 1000 Chevrolet/GMC Duramax Transmissions for Sale

The Allison 1000 automatic transmissions was built in 5 & 6 speed variations, the latter introduced in 2005. Allison 1000 transmissions are built with a strong structure and a are very popular transmissions amongst Chevy and GMC diesel truck owners. 6th gear is only found on 2006- to present Allison 1000 transmissions. 2001-2005 Allison equipped trucks had 5 forward speeds, plus lock up. Interested in the most reliable and affordable Allison 1000 Chevrolet/GMC Duramax Transmissions for Sale? knows exactly what you need.

Basically, General Motors used a documented truck transmission from a company known for manufacturing the best truck automatic transmissions. Big transmissions designed for commercial usage. Simply put, they leapfrogged every other light duty truck manufacturer and challenged them to “match this.”

Allison is a company owned by General Motors, however plenty of other companies use Allison transmissions, especially in large trucks, dump truck, garbage trucks, tour busses and commercial equipment. It is a misnomer to think that all big trucks use manual shift transmissions, nowadays.

The internal components and mechanisms dwarf even the most heavy duty automotive automatic transmissions. If you compare the friction plate [clutch plate] size to any automotive sized transmission, it would be immediately evident at how strong this unit is. Every part inside is heavier and designed to take more usage.

One of the best features of owning a vehicle with said transmission is that the transmission cooling system is also of commercial grade. This allows the automatic transmission fluid to stay cool at normal operating temperatures no matter what load you may be carrying, or how hot it may be outside.

Don’t be fooled either, just because we call it a truck transmission, does not mean it is not as high technology and electronically advanced as any top line luxury performance sedan transmission made in America or Europe either!

Allison 1000 Features:
• External filter eliminates need to change internal filter which mandates a messy transmission pan removal. An excellent idea.
• PTO optional in 3500 GMC/Chevrolet trucks. A handy feature for commercial purposes.
• 2 overdrive gears for better fuel economy. At 60 mph, the 6-speed Allison equipped truck cruises at 1,550 RPM.
• Adaptive learning technology links transmission to engine TCM. Users driver input to calculate & create ideal shift strategies.
• Limp mode locks transmission in 3rd gear if rapid or excess transmission occurs, allowing vehicle to safely brought to service station as soon as possible.
• Tow/Haul mode for safer and improved trailer braking control.
• Cold operation mode that allows the engine to idle better until the engine & transmission have reached proper operating temperature.
• A Lock Up Torque Converter: locks fin gears 3 through 6. Gears 1 and 2 operate in both locked & unlocked torque converter ranges. has your replacement Allison transmission for your GMC HD Pickup ready for delivery, so you can get back to work. Trust the leader in modern hi technology transmission sales. Allow us to supply some education so you can make a great decision, Call Now for free, affordable price quote.