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Buy 5L50 Transmissions Used

The M22 code refers to the newer 5L50E transmission at GM. This assembly was used in Cadillac cars starting in the year 2004. As a reliable electronically controlled gearbox, the 5-speed can be purchased on the second hand market. Consumers hoping to find the best way to buy 5L50 transmissions used inventory can find all [...]

Used 350C Transmission

The 350C transmission was used by GM through the 1970s and late 1980s. First derived from the 300 series, the 3-speed powered assembly found its way into a majority of manufactured automobiles. There are differences among the many THM gearboxes that can be purchased on the web. Knowing how to buy a used 350C transmission [...]

Used 4L30E Transmission

The GM 4L30E was designed by General Motors as its electronic transmission in the year 1991. A period of only 10 years were involved during the lifespan of the 4-speed 4L30E. A person who is unable to buy parts at a local salvage company can find good condition used 4L30E transmission inventory on this website. There [...]

Used 200C Transmission

GM produced its 200C THM transmissions from the late 1970s until 1987. This unit was a derivative of the early turbo-hydramatic units first built in the 1960s. This rear-wheel drive unit is one of the smallest 3-speed gearboxes in existence. A person ready to buy a used 200C transmission can complete a transaction right here [...]