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Mitsubishi Montero Sport Used Transmission

The Mitsubishi R4A51 transmission is a fully computer controlled rear-drive transmission with a lock up torque converter. The R4A51 was only used in two wheel drive models. The V4A51 was only used in the Sport four-wheel-drive models. This particular Mitsubishi transmission was installed in said vehicles from 1999 to 2003 only, including the Mitsubishi Montero and Montero Sport SUVs which used the 3.0- or 3.5-liter SOHC [single overhead camshaft] engines. One of the most popular and cost effective replacement transmissions is a Mitsubishi Montero Sport used transmission, referred to as JDM.

JDM is an uncommon subject to most transmission buyers. However, JDM is also one of the most viable and cost effective replacement transmissions for those uninterested in a remanufactured transmission. JDM is an acronym for Japanese Domestic Market. Briefly, these are transmissions removed from cars in Japan that get turned in because the engine does not meet the ultra strict emission requirements.

Instead of fixing the cars engine [in Japan], it is more cost effective to buy a new car, in Japan. With this in mind, and the fact that the transmissions have less than 40,000 miles on them, shipping them to the United States and making sure they are examined and certified good to be sold, is how Japan disposes of them and makes a few bucks.

In America a car with 30 or 40 thousand miles on it is brand new [almost]. For what seems like a mere pittance compared to other replacement transmission options, one can buy a JDM used transmission and satisfy a serious dilemma with a very viable solution. I would definitely consider a JDM replacement transmission if I had a car with a Japanese transmission.

Of course we can locate and send a used transmission taken out of a car in America. Regardless of your decision, allow us to supply more information so you know all of your choices in the replacement transmission field. We have a free quote form available here, or please feel comfortable calling one of our team members and ask any questions that may need answering.

Used Geo Metro Transmission

The Suzuki Cultus {Japan only] was introduced to the JDM [Japanese domestic market] in 1983 and became a success immediately. Suzuki manufactured them in six plus countries and sold them all over the world, through three generations of updates. The majority sold as the Geo Metro and Chevrolet Metro and Suzuki Swift. Good used Geo Metro transmissions are hard to find, but you can always count on to research and locate the best used transmissions anywhere the country in one of our recycling yards.

The aluminum 5-speed manual RPO [regular production order] MM5 was the only standard transmission as far as I know, with gear ratios of;
1st Gear: 3.42:1
2nd Gear: 1.89:1
3rd Gear: 1.28:1
4th Gear: 0.91:1
5th Gear: 0.76:1
Reverse: 3.27:1

The only two Automatic Transmissions I could reliably identify are located below; the gentlemen at have more experience and information regarding specific models and all the applications, than I have. My experience is hands on, as in rebuilding and repairing them. I was a transmission rebuilder for over 30 years and owned my own shop from 1981 to 2006 when I sold it. My specialty is repairs, diagnosis and rebuilds, not automotive applications.

The Aluminum case Automatic transmissions-the MX1, also called the A131L automatic transmission [transaxle] and the A245E . They are made by Toyota. Both are hydraulically controlled front wheel drive transaxles, three speed and four speed respectively.

A131L; 3 Speed Automatic transaxle/applications:
• 1984-2002 Toyota Corolla (1.6L 4A-FE / 3 spd.)
A245E 4 Speed Transaxle Applications are;
• 1985–1988 Chevrolet Nova
• 1990-1992 Geo Prizm

Although I am not an application expert, what I do know is our used transmissions are anything but junk or practically worn out. Each used Geo Metro transmission is fully examined and either passes the tests or gets rejected. Our reputation and warranties prove we only sell the best. Call our application experts and find out how affordable a used Geo transmission can be.

Best Manual Transmissions For Sale

People searching for the best manual transmission for sale [as opposed to automatic transmissions] in cars are generally driven by two factors: fuel economy and or acceleration. Cars with limited horsepower (four-cylinder engines) usually benefit the most with manual transmissions. Driving preference comes into play with manual transmissions and V6- or V8-powered engines. There’s also the mythical money factor. People are under the impression that manuals are typically less expensive to repair, and need less maintenance than automatic transmissions. That is myth, standard transmissions can cost as much or more than an automatic transmission.

These are considered to be in the running for Best Manual Transmission cars.

* Volkswagen Jetta (diesel) – The compact Volkswagen Jetta TDI sedan, SportWagen and Golf with manual transmissions lead in EPA fuel economy numbers. Jetta TDI is powered by a 2.0 liter turbodiesel engine mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. A dual-clutch automatic transmission (DSG) gets an estimated 30/42 mpg. Consumer Guide gives the Jetta a Best Buy, saying “the manual transmission is delightful to use, with smooth shift and clutch action.”

* Chevrolet Corvette (Z06, ZR1) – Zero to 60 mph times of 3.7 seconds for Z06 and 3.4 seconds for ZR1 are not only impressive, no unbelievable, they’re on fire. Looking through the site, they are saying “launch control is now standard on all manual-transmission models, a feature that will come in handy for squeezing out the best acceleration times.” The Z06 features a 505-hp 7.0-liter V8, while the ZR1 has an “unusually large amount” of horsepower, about 638 hp from its supercharged 6.2-liter V8.

* Chevrolet Camaro SS – After Camaro was eliminated from production in 2002, loyal enthusiasts did everything possible for its return. In 2010, it finally arrived in the fifth-generation Camaro. With a 6.2-liter V8 that’s a direct variant from Chevrolet Corvette, the 2010 Camaro SS makes 426 hp in manual transmission mode. Zero to 60 mph is clocked at 4.6 seconds.

Some other Manual Transmission Cars worthy of consideration, not of the performance ilk are for high fuel economy; including the MINI Cooper, and the mid size Hyundai Elantra Blue.

Although it seems that manual transmissions are slowly trying to be being replaced by ultra high technology automatic and semi automatic transmissions, the fact is certain people insist on having a manual transmission. Regardless of popularity or availability, can supply all manual transmission, and many can be purchased as a low mileage used transmission variant [very cost effective], and we sell the best rebuilt manual transmissions too. Call now for a free quote.

GM 4T65E Transmission for sale

GM 4T65E Transmission for sale

GM 4T65E Transmission for sale

Don’t be confused between a 4T65E and a 4L65E. The General motors 4T65E transmission for sale is for a front wheel drive car. The T stands for ‘transverse’, what that means in simple terms is that the engine is in the front and so is the transmission. It is mounted transversely to the axis of the car, which makes the engine and trans. go from side to side instead of front to back.

Technically we call it transaxle because it houses a transmission and rear differential assembly all in the same casing. Which is the most common and efficient way to make a front wheel drive car.

The L in 4L65E stands for ‘longitudinal’. That means the engine is in the front, and the rear axle is in the conventional area in the back, which requires a driveshaft [to the differential in the rear].. Longitudinal means the engine and transmission run north to south with the axis of the car, or more commonly put, front to back.

As far as I’m concerned the 4T65E is one heck of a good transmission. General Motors produced millions of them, it’s their standard front wheel drive transmission. They make a transaxle called the 4L80E, which is a super heavy duty [and expensive to rebuild] tranny that was only installed in cars like the Cadillac Northstar and Buick Aurora.

With the updates General Motors used to convert the 4L60E to the 4L65E, we have an excellent shifting and generally superb operating transmission that performs it’s functions right on time in a seamless manner. I’m a fan of it, they last a long time with proper maintenance, and are cost effective to replace when comparing it to certain other brands of cars with equivalent units.

I don’t get involved in specific applications since GM made so many variations of cars and said transmission. The team at has all of that information carefully and accurately cataloged. Give one of them a shout and find out how many ways we can help you out. Our transmissions for sale are for the uncompromising individual who understands the best cost less in the long run. Call us now.

2.2l Honda Transmission

The Honda Odyssey Van, made from 1997 to present times used a 2.2L engine originally. The 4 speed automatic transmission used in behind the 2.2L motors had some durability issues that were serious enough for Honda to recall all vehicles and owners to submit a class action law suit for defective 2.2L Honda Transmissions.

Honda spokesmen stated that ”the four speed models had at least one if not more bearings inside the transmission that literally broke into pieces, which causes irreparable damage in certain cases.”

What happens is that once the bearing starts spalling [technical word for flaking apart] the tiny contaminants clog fluid passageways and cause valves in the valve body [transmissions brain] to stick and cause malfunctions and subsequent failure. It was not until 2004 that Honda was successful at eliminating the problem.

From what I understand, high transmission operating temperatures contributed to the failures. One of Hondas first solutions was to add an external transmission cooler in addition to the stock one to lower the temperature of the ATF [automatic transmission fluid]. BTW: Honda uses a very brand specific automatic transmission fluid. Buy it from the dealer. Don’t buy a product that ”will work” just fine instead.

Ultimately the solution to the problem was a partial redesign in the transmission to accept a stronger bearing in the weakened area. Honda and some aftermarket companies now offer a fully updated retrofit-table bearing kit [no machine work involved] for use during an overhaul to eliminate said problem.

With that in mind all 2.2L Honda transmissions produced from 1997 to 2004 were capable of having a bearing problem, having that knowledge allows us to make sure every Honda transmission [we sell] that resides behind a 2.2L engine has the proper updated bearing kit installed during a rebuild job and a few more viable upgrades to improve said unit.

If you have been searching for a Honda 2.2L transmission, it’s nice to know somebody cares enough to cure the problem before it can happen. Our re-manufacturers have a research department specifically to find problems of this sort so that they can be eliminated.

Everyone wins when a competent job has been done during the rebuilding process. That’s why is where our customers end their friends. Call now and speak with a representative located right here in the USA and find out what your best replacement transmissions option is. We can have your transmission shipped within 24 hours of placing your order.

Chevy 3500 Series Truck Transmission For Sale

Chevy 3500 Transmissions for Sale..Toolbox

Chevy 3500 Transmissions for Sale..Transmission Toolbox

Most of you know the Chevy 3500 series of trucks have a one ton payload, hence, one ton pickup. It’s a rare occasion that only 1 ton is carried in one of these workhorses. It’s not a mistake that I am so familiar with the range of transmissions that have been used in the 1 ton Chevy and GMC trucks. Before I tell you why I know so much about them, you should know that has a Chevy 3500 Series Truck Transmission For Sale for any year and model, every day.

I’m intimately familiar with transmissions because I spent from 1981 to 2006 owning, operating and participating in my transmission repair shop. So thats like cheating, but I am a Chevy, or GMC truck owner. Owned a GMC or Chevy truck for over 35 years now. I have owned the same 1 ton 4 wheel drive GMC 3500 or 1 ton pickup [not dual wheels] since it was new in 1988. That is 22 years. I love the truck. It may not be very fancy compared to the new fancy pickups, but I dare anyone to compete in a drive ability test of any sort, [unless it’s for fuel economy}!. My old timer runs and drives perfectly, and it’s not for sale.

It’s payed for too. For 20 years. I got a 2 year interest free loan in ’88. You don’t want to know what my payments were, it will make you sick.

General Motors has made a heavy duty pickup for over 50 years. Listing every transmission used would be a waste of space. The sales representatives at can figure that out with your VIN number. The vehicle identification number is on your registration.

Depending on your needs regarding styles of transmission, such as a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, we have every available worthy option available. When I say worthy, I mean transmissions beyond reproach, and used transmissions we know you can trust. Confidence and trust are two of the reasons we can honestly say is largely why our customers recommend us to their friends.

My advise is to call one of our experts after you examine our site for more relevant information. Once you have an idea of what you want, it’s our job to make sure you get the replacement transmission that is in your best interests. You get to speak with someone who really understands the transmission business, located right here in our Florida warehouse., Call now.

Volvo automatic transmission

Volvo automatic transmission

Volvo automatic transmission

Volvo automatic transmissions were originally made by the ZF AG Transmission company in Germany. Now Volvo transmissions are make in a combination effort with Aisin of Japan.

ZF AG, is also known as the ZF Group, and commonly called ZF. They are a worldwide supplier of drive-line and chassis components for cars and commercial vehicles.

Geartronic is Volvo’s trade name for its manual/automatic combination transmission, which is very similar to Porsche’s Tiptronic in design and operation. Also available in 5 and 6 speed models, and is controlled by an electronic super microprocessor and a slew of input and output sensors.

Manumatic refers to an automatic transmission, with some components of a manual transmission, meaning a gear can be manually selected instead of having the computer command the shifts. This early rudimentary design of the transmission was introduced in the 1990’s.

Different car manufacturers have different trade names for their for manumatic transmissions, such as: currently, Porsche is ‘tiptronic’, Volvo is ‘Geartronic’, Mercedes is ‘Touchshift’, Mitsubishi is ‘Sporttronic’.

Here is a list of Volvo Transmission from Wiki:
• Volvo AW70 transmission
• Volvo AW71 transmission
• Volvo AW72 transmission
• Volvo M30 transmission
• Volvo M40 transmission
• Volvo M400 transmission
• Volvo M410 transmission
• Volvo M41 transmission
• Volvo M45 transmission
• Volvo M46 transmission
• Volvo M47 transmission
• Volvo M50 transmission
• Volvo M51 transmission
• Volvo M56 transmission
• Volvo M58 transmission
• Volvo M59 transmission
• Volvo M66 transmission
• IB5
• MTX75
• MMT6
• Volvo M90 transmission
• Volvo ZF4HP22 transmission
• AW50-42 (4-speed automatic, FWD/AWD)
• AW55-50/51 (5-speed automatic, FWD/AWD)
• GM4T65EV/GT (4-Speed GM automatic, FWD/AWD)
• AWTF-80 SC (6-speed automatic, FWD/AWD)
• MPS6 (6-speed dual clutch Powershift, FWD)

That’s an awesome list of transmissions. Of course Volvo is an old name and many of the early transmissions would be collectors items. That does not mean the old units are not available, but we definitely get more calls for the newer units.

Fortunately, the specialists at have the proper training and experience to properly serve you. All you have to do is get your VIN [vehicle identification number], which is on your registration, and give us a call. We will outfit you with a used transmission or a rebuilt transmission, whichever serves your purposes and budget the best. We will also ship it within 24 hours to help get you back on the road.

AGS 520 transmission for sale

AGS 520 transmission for sale

AGS 520 transmission for sale

AGS, an acronym for Automated Gear Shift, which is an automated manual transmission created by Detroit Diesel to make driving easier and more efficient for drivers of ”big rigs”. More to the point, this transmission can also be called a Mercedes ”big rig” truck transmission since Mercedes and Detroit Diesel share transmission [”big rig”] technology. has an AGS 520 transmission for sale and it’s big brother too. [the AGS 520 is also called the MBT520-60A].

The other variant is somewhat larger in design and called the MBT660-60A and is almost identical in design, but larger.

The AGS is designed after the Mercedes-Benz 6-speed manual transmission, built with components like heat treated forged steel gears and shafts, sealed ball bearings and extreme duty synchronizers for long lasting performance.

This modern day highly advanced transmission uses a TCU [transmission control unit] to smoothly change gears at the exact right time every time, taking driver error out of the equation. Thus eliminating drive-line shock and premature failures.

Many of the large semi transmissions have what is called a PTO, or power take off shaft. Essentially it is an extra drive shaft to power auxiliary equipment, as on tow trucks or delivery truck gates, for example. Some of the light duty 3500 and 4500 series trucks come with PTO setups too.

So there is no misunderstanding, this is a different transmission than the Mercedes MBT 520 transmission we sell. The MBT 520 is a car transmission, so don’t get confused. Like I said Mercedes and Detroit Diesel share technologies.

Either way we can be quite helpful when it comes to choosing a transmission to replace a worn out unit. Big rig transmissions such as the AGS 520 are a separate subject from automotive and light duty truck transmissions. That is why we employ a truck transmission expert. We are only interested in providing understandable, fast, no gimmick service, we have no smoke screens here.

Now you know how modern and technologically advanced the big trucks on the road are. If you spent the better part of everyday alone in the cab of a semi, you would need all the luxuries, believe me. Anybody that arrived here knowing what they want, pick up the phone and call our truck transmission expert. If you are reading this for the information, remember, is your one stop transmission replacement company.

Quality Shifting 4r100 transmission for sale

4r100 transmission for sale

4r100 transmission for sale

Here is a question I received. I hope it is OK with my boss to answer this popular question today concerning Ford 4r100 transmissions: Question: I have 2000 F250 7.3 with the automatic trans. It has 230,000 miles. The transmission is starting to shift hard and showing it’s age. I found your site while searching for used transmissions and pricing. I was wondering what a rebuilt trans costs?

Answer: Realistically speaking, you have a lot of miles on your transmission. Hopefully you took good care of it. The problem you suggest, harsh shifts is not necessarily an old age problem. I have seen plenty of low mileage 4r100’s develop hard shifts. The first thing to do is get off a few bucks and have a professional transmission mechanic diagnose the problem.

Diagnosing a car or truck transmission problem [or any problem for that matter] is based on the same paradigm that diagnosing an illness follows. The specialist has to see the patient. There is no way around this. We certainly can throw around some ideas, but a professional has to be the final decision maker on said problem, or it is inevitable that the wrong area will be addressed.

I suspect you are dealing with old age more than anything else. When a 4r100 develops hard shifts all of a sudden, in most cases it is related to an electrical pressure control problem or possibly an accumulator [shift shock absorber] problem. At this mileage there may be more issues to deal with so you may want to buy a replacement transmission.

If it had lower mileage, I might suggest some other ailments to look for, but a professional will check everything out so there are no surprises down the road.

I tend to agree with your assessment that a rebuilt transmission may be the smartest move and in your best interests. I don’t price transmissions. That you will have to call for. It only takes a minute. One of our transmission specialists will be able to discuss the situation with you and make a recommendation to fill your bill the best.

Remember, we know you are an uncompromising individual, that’s why you are here. Our 4r100 transmissions are rebuilt with pure value in mind. Designed to outlast your old one and beat the competition in all ways. Call now and we will have it shipped within 24 hours. is where our customers send their friends.

Mercedes MBT 520 transmission for sale

Mercedes MBT 520 transmission for sale

Mercedes MBT 520 transmission for sale

The Mercedes MBT 520 transmission is a large truck, over the road, 6 speed manual transmission. Built in cooperation by Detroit Diesel and AGS it is designed to withstand the rigors of over road transportation and meeting industry demands. Low failure rates are one of it’s known qualities, even though we inventory a fully rebuilt Mercedes MBT 520 transmission for sale, for the convenience of the professionals who count on them to get the goods delivered.

The facts are, trucks are expensive to operate, MBT manual truck transmissions were designed with an eye on efficiency and lowering cost. Intelligent design guarantees efficient power transfer, which means less wear and better fuel economy. Special lifetime sealed bearings run longer between transmission lubrication changes, keeping you on the road and out of the shop.

Engineered for strength and durability down to the most precise parts and components, MBT transmissions have custom designed heat-treated gears and shafts to keep normal operating situations from damaging the transmission. The transmissions components are housed in a lightweight aluminum alloy case to increase payloads, and maintain the highest durability.

Helical cut gears allow for more gear area contact, and create a smoother, quieter ride.
Designed tough to withstand the tough trucking environment, larger gears with helical gear faces reduce noise by allowing more gear contact and a smoother ride.

You don’t hear to many complaints about the MBT transmissions in general. The most common request is how fast can you get it to me? With that in mind, if you want to service commercial truckers, you better be able to come up with exactly what you say and do it fast.

Enjoy the same service we give our commercial customers. Fast, affordable, courteous, and interested in getting your rig back on the road. The best remanufactured manual transmissions are cost effective over the long run, and the long run is what our big rig transmission customers need. Call now and speak with someone who knows how to get your rig on the road fast.